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Am I best making a massive New Year resolution or small changes?

Updated: Jan 16

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A guest post by Alan Austin-Smith, one of hairdressing’s most respected Business Coaches and Mentors.

Life is all about decisions. Think about it - we make decisions all day, every day. And those decisions shape our lives: what we do, how we eat, who we spend time with, how we work and play, etc. 


So what shapes those decisions? Our focus, our priorities, our beliefs.


But what if those are wrong? What if our beliefs aren’t true? What if we are setting the wrong priorities and are focused in the wrong direction?


Then we are making a decision based on the wrong information - which can only lead to poor decisions. But hold on! Didn’t we just agree that our life is all about the decisions we make?!


Let me give you an example from my life which I know many other people share…


My parents lived through World War 2 and hated any waste of food, which created a deep-rooted belief in me that food shouldn’t be wasted. 


Now, I can use that as an excuse as to why I feel the need to decide to eat whatever is in front of me, regardless of whether I’m hungry or not (buffets are dangerous ground for me!!). Or I can choose to learn to make a different decision and to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry.


I could continue with a decision that I’m not confident, or a poor communicator or that I hate Mondays etc., or I choose to make different decisions that will help me to achieve what I desire, have better relationships or perform better at work.


It’s up to me - I can decide to be an OK me or a Fantastic me. Each small decision I make influences my life. 


Powerful change comes from making lots of small decisions. Small steps - not one big ‘resolution’ type of decision. 


It’s time to take control of the decisions we make.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” - Confucius

How to achieve something big with small changes

Changing software providers for your hairdressing salon might be on your mind, but that’s not a small change. Moving your whole business to a new software system is a big step, right?! So how do you navigate ultimately making a big change, through lots of small decisions?

My advice is to break it down into the smallest possible step. Don’t dive in because it’s a “new year, new start” and do something you’re not fully ready for. Take a bite size step and book a demo. There’s no commitment or expense needed, but you’ll be able to see if the new salon software does what you need. 

In the demo, you can ask questions and get info that’s tailored to your hairdressing salon. Each question you ask is a baby step. Each nugget of info you get, and each feature you discover is one little step closer to knowing if this is the right change for your hairdressing salon.

This article was originally published on 01/01/2018 at The Fantastic Hairdresser: 

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