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Salon software with hairdressing at its heart and profit at its head!

Your salon software does the job - but is it doing the job you need it to do?


Say goodbye to complex reports and hello to an intuitive, user-friendly system. A system designed specifically to help you focus on achieving the profits you need from your business.

Introducing Floomly: the next generation of salon software.

Why Floomly?!

While Floomly is the new kid on the software block, it’s been built with over 3 decades experience of helping salon professionals succeed.


Due to our well-established legacy business: “The Fantastic Hairdresser”, we have our feet firmly planted in the salon industry. We view tech and software from a different perspective: from a salon business coaching lens. We know what you need to know. 


This is not our ‘best guess’. Floomly is our response to a 30+ year deep dive into thousands of hairdressing businesses of all shapes and sizes. What we have learnt is that hairdressers need a system developed by people who are genuinely ‘in it’ with them.


Floomly is our solution to the very tangible issues facing hairdressing salons today.

Salon management software with business coaching built-in

Taking away the guess work.

  • Simple and easy to understand

  • Built on world class education

  • Intuitive, fresh and enjoyable to navigate

Floomly Features Wheel

Floomly is:

What's Different

Floomly has everything a regular software platform has - but that's just where we start. We start, where others finish!

Focus on profit

The most critical factor in the salon industry today is a lack of profit. 

Imagine being able to re-invest; increase your salaries, re-educate, and inspire change…

We know how hard it is for a salon to be profitable. But it’s infinitely harder if you don’t focus on it.


Floomly’s “Dashboard” and “Team Hub” show you exactly what you need to see (and nothing that you don’t). You’ll be given a laser-like focus to make the changes needed to improve your profitability.

Floomly Dashboard

Our core belief is that business data is worthless unless...

- You know what you need

- You know how to find it

- You know what to do with it, when you find it

Our unique, simple dashboard

A simplified snapshot of your business, displaying only the information you need to know, with zero time wasting. 


Other software systems will display what your salon has done historically. Floomly shows you what you need to do for future growth, as well as providing you the solutions to get there.

Floomly Brand Heart S1

Conscious Design

Functional beauty has been our focus. As a hairdressing salon owner, you know the importance of creating a look that gives the WOW factor. But it’s equally important that it’s also nice and easy to work with daily. So why shouldn’t your salon software do the same?!

Floomly Diary

The look and feel of Floomly isn't just about aesthetics. In an industry with a high percentage of dyslexia, it was critical to us to design the software with this in mind. Specific dyslexia-friendly fonts and lots of white space provide a fresh and clean finish.

As well as looking the part, Floomly is designed to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. But we know that adapting to a new software system can be scary, no matter how pretty it is. Getting your head around shiny new buttons, tabs and pages will take a little time.

This is why you’ll get a four-week onboarding period. Take this time to play around with Floomly. Familiarise yourself and your team with all the key features. At the end of this period, your most recent data will be reimported from your previous system. You can then move forward with confidence, and never look back!

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Fantastic Hairdresser Focus Hub
The Focus Hub

If you're going to pay for salon software, why not go with the one that has the industry's leading education platform built-in?


This brilliant hub of education comes from Alan Austin-Smith and “The Fantastic Hairdresser” company. It provides real-time solutions to help you overcome business and team issues. Ultimately, it gives you the knowledge and understanding to run your business successfully – consistently.

"Excellence is a journey, not a destination."

No matter how long you’ve been a salon owner, there is always more to learn.

  • What if your salon software could help you understand how to master your business, and become a stronger leader? 

  • What if your software could help you make the profit you want and need to re-invest and grow your business?

Fantastic Hairdresser Salon Sessions

Inside “The Focus Hub” is an entire year with the industry's most respected business coach and educator.

Alan Austin-Smith has carefully crafted a very simple, easy to follow 12-month programme for both your business and individuals in your team. You’ll get vital monthly focus to take action and achieve the results you want and need.

"These sessions are a huge success and leave our team feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered to take their skills to the next level." - Austen Thomson Hair

Floomly Brand Heart
What Are People Saying?
Becky Snarski, Becky Candy Salons

Before switching to Floomly, it was important to me that my team were on board with the change. So I booked some of them onto a demo and they were so motivated after that they phoned me straight away to say "WE HAVE TO HAVE THIS!".

Leona Loosley, Hair & The Hound

I have my two year 'Profit Target' setup within the system which gives me constant focus on what I need to do to reach my goals - and if I'm not hitting them, the coaching 'nudge' & Education Hub get me back on track.

  • Can I access Floomly on more than one computer?
    Yes, Floomly is a cloud based software so you can access it from anywhere on any laptop/PC/tablet (both Apple & Android) - you can also use multiple devices at any one time.
  • If the internet goes down will the info be saved to the cloud?
    Yes, the system is automatically backed up so if ever your internet dropped out, everything up until that point will be saved in the cloud.
  • How easy/hard would it be to migrate client info/database to the new software?
    For 99% of softwares, this is a very straightforward process although your current provider may charge a fee to export your full data to include all colour notes/future appointments etc. - for example SalonIQ charges £150 +VAT. There may be some manual work on your side but we will be there through the entire process to make it as clean and simple as possible.
  • Is my data safe?
    Yes, absolutely. Security is extremely important to us - we have multiple measures in place (signed off by a specialist) to ensure Floomly remains at a high level of security for you and your clients.
  • Does the software send appointment reminders?
    Yes - you can set the relevant reminders for your salon to go out at whatever day/time frame that works for you (both email & SMS). Also, if a client responds to an SMS to confirm their appointment, this will automatically confirm it on the diary.
  • Can salonspy reviews migrate from old systems?
    Yes :)

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending!" - C.S. Lewis

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